The 7 Deadly Computing Sins

The major things every computer user should avoid

1. Donít lose your programs. Keep all program discs and downloads in a safe place. Keep track of serial numbers and installation keys. You may need them someday. Store passwords in a safe place, not on your computer.

2. Donít forget to back up all of your data. Your hard drive can crash at any moment. A virus or malicious email can destroy your stuff. And check the backup periodically to make sure it is working properly. It should be stored away from your computer.

3. Donít let your Antivirus software expire. If it is expired, your computer is still protected, but only against old viruses, not new ones.

4. Donít click on screens that you donít understand. You could be giving permission for an evil program to run.

5. Donít use too many utilities to help keep your computer cleaned up and in good working order. There are so many free or cheap fix-it types of utilities available. Not all are good for your computer. And, ďtoo many cooks can spoil the broth.Ē

6. Donít forget to defragment your hard drive at least every 3 months.

7. Donít let your computer overheat. Keep it in an open place while running and blow out the dust at least annually.

If you have any questions about these or any other issues, please call me and ask. There is no obligation.